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The McFadden Family Tartan

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Mcfadden tartan

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The McFadden family tartan was designed in 1999 by McFaddens in Scotland.


Although McFaddens could use a number of tartans, it was decided by family members that to design our own, unique cloth, would be appropriate.


Many McFaddens now wear their tartan with pride both in Scotland and abroad. McFadden kilts, skirts, neckties, etc… have been sent to Hong Kong, Australia, Canada and the USA.


The McFadden tartan is only available from this website and is not available through woollen mills or tartan shops.

Please contact us using the email link below.

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The McFadden family tartan is designed in ‘ancient’ or ‘muted’ colours.


The colour coding  represents the following Celtic heritage of the family name:


Ancient Blue - for the Atlantic Ocean (off the Scottish West Coast and Western Isles)

Ancient Green - for the green hills of Donegal (tribute to all Irish McFaddens)

Two Lines of Purple - for the Scottish thistle and Scottish purple heather

A line of Yellow - for the long sandy beaches of the West Coast of Scotland

Some tartan facts

80% of Scottish tartans were designed in the last 20 years!

Family surnames were not generally associated with tartan until the visit of King George IV to Edinburgh in 1822.

Sir Walter Scott was tasked with organising the visit. When he stated that all the highland families should present themselves in their tartans, no-one knew what he was talking about! There then followed a rush to associate clans with specific tartans from their geographical areas and register them with Edinburgh tailors.

Text Box: There’s an old Scottish ballad here from the 1600s that tells of a fight between a MacFadden and a MacFee over a sporran
Text Box: Tartans of Scotland—McFadden/ MacFadden